Welcome to BEVA's Clinical Catch-ups

The aim of this area is to provide those who have been furloughed, or those who are back at work and social distancing to do some low key, informal, 'at the pub' style CPD- feel free to BYOB!

All meetings are live initially, but will be recorded. There will be an initial presentation, followed by case or topic based discussion, though members and speakers are welcome to wander off topic and discuss other areas- just as you would in the pub!.

The Usefullness of Lab Analysis Poor Performance Cases

Jamie Prutton from Liphook guides us through the lab work available for poor performance horse work ups, what it all really means, what's important and what's not.

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Discussion group- schools reopening and how to manage this

This is a very informal open live discussion looking at how working parents are managing with schools reopening (or not).  All schools seem to be doing different things and we'd be keen to see how vets are planning on managing this new juggling technique. This will be a very informal session led by Lucy Grieve and Sarah Gasper- don't worry about kids coming in- we're juggling too!

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Case scenario upload area

In this area you can upload any case details that we can then use to turn into interactive case scenarios for your fellow vets to work through. These can be as normal and everyday or as weird and wonderful as you like. The only thing we ask is that you have permission of any owners, vets practices or premises for us to use any images, pictures, blood results etc for teaching purposes.

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Approach to a Snotty Nose- Neil Townsend

Neil Townsend discusses a case of nasal discharge and how to approach it, including how to endoscope the nasal cavity (all of it, not just the sinus drainage angle!) to look for fistula, including a quick reminder on head radiography.

This meeting has now finished. The recording is now available.

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Lucy Grieve- Case discussion Wed 6th May 8pm

This meeting has now ended. The recording is available here.

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Gemma Pearson- Moody Mare- Wed 29th April

This Furlough club will look at the Moody Mare and how we manage her. 

The recording is now available.

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Horse Rescue with Nicky Housby-Skeggs. 22nd April 8pm

Nicky Housby-Skeggs talks to us about rescue situations- what to do and what not to do. 

Recording now available.

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Sarah Smith 15th April 2pm

This meeting has now ended and the recording has expired. I

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Pain or Behaviour with Gemma Pearson

This meeting has ended, but a recording of the presentation is available here.

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Furloughed Club- Lucy Grieve- 2pm Tues 7th April

This meeting has now ended and the recording has expired. The course is visible to allow those who attended to log their QR codes.

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