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BEVA Two Zero: Gastric Ulcers

Tuesday 8 September at 7:30pm online

Is all we need omeprazole, or can we do better? Leading names reveal what they really think and share their experiences. 

Who's speaking? 

  • Angelika Schoster, University of Zurich, Switzerland 
  • Frank Andrews, Louisiana State University, USA
  • Dave Rendle, UK
  • Gayle Hallowell, University of Nottingham, UK
  • Tim Brazil, Equine Medicine on the Move, UK
  • Emily Haggett, Rossdales, UK

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BEVA Two Zero: Tendon and Ligament Injuries

Wednesday 9 September at 7:30pm- online

Discover how four leading names would diagnose and treat injuries and find out how they approach their most problematic cases.

Who's speaking? 

  • Roger Smith, RVC, UK
  • Michael Schramme, University of Lyon, France
  • Virginia Reef, UPenn, USA
  • Chavaunne Thorpe, RVC, UK
  • Andy Fiske-Jackson, RVC, UK

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BEVA Two Zero: Airway Conundrums

Thursday 10 September at 7:30pm- online

What causes DDSP? Is surgery worth it? Should you tie back or nerve graft? Find out what world leaders actually think.

Who's speaking?

  • Tim Barnett, Rossdales, UK
  • Justin Perkins, UK
  • Norm Ducharme, USA
  • Fabrice Rossignol, France

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