Building on the success of Undercover Congress, these transcontinental discussion seminars aim to bring together experts from Europe and the USA to discuss new developments, what they really mean and how they really work. 

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Stephen Reed and Richard Hepburn discuss this developing area. Chaired by Andy Bathe

Kindly sponsored by the Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust

Wednesday May 11th 2022 live from 8.30pm BST

Chaired by Alison Talbot, Nicolas Frank of the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University and Ruth Morgan of the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies at Edinburgh University discuss obesity, metabolic and stress hormones and their effect on health.

This is an exploding area of research and knowledge in both the human and equine fields, with huge implications for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of clinical disease, so join us for what promises to be a fascinating 90 mins.

Wednesday the 16th March. Live at 3.30pm GMT.

Christopher Kawcak from Colorado State University chairs an ongoing discussion between Pete Ramzan from Rossdales and Ryan Carpenter from the Equine Medical Centre.

Kindly sponsored by the Beaufort Cottage Educational Trust

Surgical solutions for reproductive issues 

Feb 9th 2022 starting for delegates at 7pm GMT

In this session we are joined by Dwayne Rodgerson from Hagyards and Tom O’Brien from Fethard who are chaired by Camilla Scott. We'll be looking at what can be done surgically to improve reproductive performance in mares.

Chair: Margo McPherson

Speakers: James Crabtree, Peter Morresey

5.30pm Wednesday 15th December 2021

High risk pregnancies

Do you have a high risk pregnancy that you're advising an owner on- maybe one that has a history of loosing or resorbing foals? Or do you have a mare that has a bit of vulval discharge or more udder development than you'd like? Come along and find out what the experts do and think on both sides of the pond.

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The management of subchondral bone cysts in the stifle

Speakers: Liz Sanstchi, Matt smith

Chair: Dave Frisbie

 4.30pm UK time for delegates

Subchondral bone cysts in the stifle- Debride them? Inject them? Use biologics? Bone grafts? Mosaic arthroplasty? What are the options? What are the outcomes? how do we select the treatment for the case? Does it matter? Come and join David Frisbie as he chairs a discussion between Matt Smith and Liz Sanstchi.

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August 18th 2021 7.30pm (UK time)

Post op reflux. Inevitable post colic surgery? Too long a surgery? Surgeon factor? Or more of a medical factor and medical thing? Come along and listen to what promises to be a fascinating look at the differing views from the States and the UK. 

Debbie Archer chairs a discussion between Scott Pirie and David Freeman.

30th June 7.30pm

Liver disease- there's lots going on both sides of the Atlantic, so what are the Americans up to? Should we be taking some leaves from their book? Chaired by ACVIM diplomate Simon Peek, Sarah Smith and Tom Divers discuss and debate their approaches.

7th April, 7.30pm

Want to know if there's a newer, better way to manage your distal limb synovial infections? Come and find out what the experts in both the States and the UK do with theirs. Roger Smith of the RVC chairs a discussion between Luis Rubio-Martinez From Sussex Equine Hospital and Dean Richardson from the University of Pennsylvania covering regional limb perfusion and other tips and tricks.